Sunday, August 23, 2009

You Tube

You Tube as an educational tool seems a bit odd, as it is used mainly for entertainment purposes. I thought long and hard about how it could be used in an educational purpose, as You Tube videos are not subject to any checks for it's validity (the same could be said however about most online information). But I finally started thinking about some of the cool experiments we did during science and found the following video. Due to the nature of some experiments, it would unwise to allow students to do the experiments themselves, and rather than having the teacher perform the experiment in front of them, were something could go wrong, a You Tube video allow for the experiment to be shown and then the teacher can go through it afterwards explaining in greater detail how the experiment works and discussing other variations of the experiment. In this You Tube Video provided by ViewDo (c) 2006 entitled "ViewDo: How To Get an Egg in a Milkbottle", it explains a number of scientific principles including the needs of fire and vaccums. Accessed 23/08/09 ViewDo (c) 2006
Allan Puccinelli -

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